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Accredited M.Div track through ACTS

Interested in pursuing a fully accredited degree at a fraction of the traditional cost? ACTS pioneered a unique pathway for students to pursue an accredited Master’s of Divinity (M.Div), but with particular emphasis on Coptic faith, language and history, called the M.Div pathway. 

This program is made possible through our partnership with the Claremont School of Theology (CST). Students begin their education with a Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) through ACTS, then complete their pursuit of an M.Div through CST. ACTS units not only transfer to CST, but are then applied towards the M.Div degree. Thus, a Master of Divinity is not only more affordable, but more accessible, easily achievable, and is uniquely centered on a strong Coptic foundation. In this flexible pathway, CST will accept up to 48 units of completed ACTS coursework.

The benefits of completing the M.Div pathway through ACTS are boundless. Our M.T.S degree is unique from other theological schools in that the 36-unit degree may be completed in as little as one year, entirely online, and available at an affordable $600 a course, making the cost of the Master of Theological Studies degree around $8,000 to complete. Our program offers in-depth foundational theological training and equips students with knowledge in the Coptic language, church history, liturgy, scripture, dogmatics, apologetics, and patristics. 

From there, students will complete the remainder of the 72 units necessary to achieve the M.Div degree through Claremont. A number of students have already taken advantage of this unique partnership between our organizations. If you’re interested in pursuing this program pathway, feel free to communicate directly with our friends at CST, or reaching out directly to our partner, the Interim Dean of the Disciples Seminary Foundation, Belva Brown Jordan.

Whether or you’re interested in only pursuing the Master of Theological Studies degree, or continuing your education through a Master of Divinity, ACTS is making theological higher education more accessible, applicable, and Coptic-centered than ever before.

Sophia Soliman