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ACTS Apologetics Conference: The Shroud of Turin

ACTS had the pleasure of hosting Dr. John Jackson and his wife, Rebecca Jackson, founders of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, who joined us on February 15th & 16th for our Apologetics Conference in Archangel Michael Church in Santa Ana, California. Approximately 200 individuals showed up to the event and greatly benefited from the talk. We were also blessed by the presence of His Grace Bishop Suriel on both days along with many clergy members. The Shroud Conference was not streamed on any site due to copyrighted material, however Dr. John together with his wife presented their scientific data and findings from the research they performed on the Shroud, measurements, x-rays, photographs, samples, attempted replications (how they differ), and many observations were presented to the audience in a stunning format which gave us insight to the plausibility of the Shroud and the mystery behind it. Dr. John Jackson is the organizer of the STURP (Shroud of Turin Research Project) Of 1978, which is to date the only extensive research that has been done of the cloth. The Jackson’s have devoted their life’s work to examining the Shroud, and have not been deterred by the carbon dating results, which contradict their findings. Hopefully soon more research and time will be devoted to further explaining the mystery around this piece of cloth.

By God’s Grace, there are plans for more informational and spiritually benefiting conferences like this past one, in 2019

Jessica Shalaby