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International Student Scholarship Application

Pope Shenouda III International Scholarship

 Application Requirements for International Students

Prospective students

Prospective students who are applying must have a complete school application on file with ACTS. Please check the application requirements for each program here. If you haven’t started an application for entrance in the school you may do so here.

In addition to a completed school application prospective students must also:

  1. A grade point average equivalent to a U.S. grade of “B” or better is required. Click here to calculate your GPA.

  2. Complete the International Student Scholarship application below

The Dean of ACTS grants final approval of admission, assuming general admission requirements have been met, and when evidence indicates a high probability of success in the prospective degree program. Students who are prospective and are granted the scholarship will be placed into a certificate program for performance evaluation their 1st semester of enrollment, after which period, if scholarship requirements are continued to be met, they will then be moved into the Master’s program.

Existing Students

Existing students (accepted and enrolled prior to starting scholarship application) must have the following:

  1. Must have completed a minimum of two master’s level courses through ACTS with a minimum grade of B or better.

  2. Currently enrolled full-time (6 units or more) in a master’s program at ACTS.

  3. In good academic standing with a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

  4. In good financial standing (no past due balances).

  5. Must have never accepted a scholarship from ACTS in the past

  6. A complete student file, with transcript evaluations and TOEFL scores (if needed), please check the requirements here

Pope Shenouda III International student scholarship application

This scholarship provides tuition assistance to international graduate students who are enrolled in a Certificate or Master's Program at ACTS. Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship in conjunction with their application to ACTS. Recipients of this scholarship will be awarded financial assistance to be applied toward their ACTS school account. Aplicants must be an international student, residing in countries outside of North America. Selection will be made based upon the strength of the application. Deadline: July 1st for the following fall semester; November 1st for following spring semester.

Application: First Name: Last Name: Street Address 2: City: State/Province: Local Phone: Home Country: Expected Entrance Semester: Fall Spring Summer Expected Entrance Year: How many credit hours will you be registered for in the incoming semester: By signing this application, I confirm that the information entered is accurate and true. Also, I understand that I must be enrolled as a full-time student (at least 9 credit hours) in order to receive this award. Signature: Date: 2 A complete application package included the following items: 1. This application form completed and signed. 2. A copy of your academic transcript.

One page essay on why you should be awarded this scholarship.