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Course Offerings

Current Course Offerings

Fall 2019

August 26th 2019- December 13th 2019


July 15th 2019:         Registration Opens

August 26th:                First Day of Classes

September 9th: Last Day to Add or Drop

September 28th-30th:     Feast of the Cross

November 25th:          Start of Nativity Fast 

November 28th:         Thanksgiving Break

December 6th:             Fall Classes end

December 9th-13th:        Finals Week

Distributive Learning and Course Modalities

All of our courses are formatted in a distributive learning, which is an educational and formational model that allows a member of a learning community (students, faculty, and staff) to access content and community life while being located in different, non-centralized locations. Elements may occur synchronously (at the same time from either the same or different places/spaces), asynchronously (at different times from the same place or different places/spaces), or in a blended format.

ACTS uses the following terms to better express how the course will occur:

Synchronously (SYN)– a course where instruction takes place with student and instructor physically present or online at the same time. Attendance and participation are typically taken for these courses from the live sessions.

Asynchronously (ASL)- The Asynchronous Learning model is a pre-constructed model where students watch pre-recorded material during the week and on thier own time schedule such that they meet the weekly requirements in the syllabus. Instructors provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments throughout the course.  

Intensive Courses – a course where classes gather face-to-face over a short period of time, either live online or in person usually for 1 or 2 weeks, but other formats have been done.  Almost all instruction is classroom-based, engaged in these intensive periods, this is a synchronous course.

Hybrid Courses – a course that meet 3 to 7 times live online or live on campus , on different days, plus online asynchronous learning.  


This seminar introduces seminary students to graduate-level research and writing skills with specific attention to academic writing, theological research, citations, and elements of writing style. The seminar introduces the nature of theological reflection and “thinking theologically” concerning various topics and issues they encounter in academic study and ministry. This course will also cover a basic introduction to Populi including how to use your school email account, access files, submit assignments etc. This course is mostly pre-recorded but will include 3-5 mandatory live sessions (Dates TBA). This course is a prerequisite for all certificates and degrees.

2.  ACTS 3020 Introduction to the Old Testament with Dr. George Tadros (Hybrid)

This course offers an introduction to the literature of the Old Testament, and a study of the history and geography of biblical Israel. Topics include: manuscripts of the Holy Bible, development of the Old Testament Canon, translation, different Patristic methodologies of interpreting the Old Testament with special emphasis on the School of Alexandria (e.g., Origen) and the School of Antioch (e.g., John Chrysostom). This will be followed by a review of modern Biblical Scholarship and the apologetic challenges to each of the OT books. This course is mostly per-recorded but will include 4 periodic live sessions on Sundays for 1 hr (Dates TBA).  This course fulfills a core requirement for the MTS program and the Orthodox Scripture Certificate.

3. ACTS 3010 Introduction to Greek Language with Dr. Ramez Mikhail, an online course on TUESDAYS from 11:00AM- 2:00pm PST (SYN).

This course provides a preliminary study of Koine based on the New Testament. The basic concepts of New Testament Greek grammar, syntax, and vocabulary are studied and applied to the text of the Gospels. This course is for students who have little or no prior knowledge of Greek. A basic outline of the Grammar, both in etymology and syntax, sufficient for earlier stages of the study with graduated exercises will be introduced. Examples to be studied will be taken primarily from the Scriptures and from the Greek language in the Coptic liturgy.  This course will require live online attendance. This course is a core requirement for the Th.M. and an elective for all other programs.

4. ACTS 3015 Introduction toCOPTIC CHURCH HISTORY with Deacon Severus Mikhail, TUESDAYS, 6:00-9:00 pm PST (SYN).

This course surveys the history of the Coptic Orthodox Church and community from the seventh through the twentieth centuries. Several themes are privileged throughout the course: Christian-Muslim interactions, shifting communal identities, liturgical developments, and the importance of Coptic-Arabic literature. While the emphasis is on the history and historiography of the Coptic Church (the See of Alexandria), the course will also discuss the major political and theological developments and personalities of the Christian east in general. This course will require live online or in person attendance.  This course is a core requirement for the MTS program and the Early Christian Studies Certificate.

5. ACTS 3040 Introduction to Liturgical studies with Dr. Ramez Mikhail, (Hybrid)

This course will have 5 live mandatory meetings from 11AM-2PM PST on August 31, September 14, October 12, November 9, December 7.  This course is a survey of the liturgical history of the Church's liturgical traditions. During this course, students will learn the fundamental methodology of liturgical research, how to properly proceed from data to conclusions. Next, the course will explore the liturgical tradition of the church from a historical perspective during the New Testament period, the Early Church before Nicaea (AD 325), the post-Nicene Church, and later developments. The emphasis throughout will be on the development of the Eucharist, the Church's most-central worship event, and on the sacraments of Baptism and Chrismation. Mandatory meetings will be supplemented with additional pre-recorded lectures available throughout the semester. This course fulfills a core requirement for the MTS Program and fulfills an elective for the Certificate Programs.

6. ACTS 3030 Introduction to Patristics with Bishop Kyrillos, Fr. Michael Maximous & Guest Lecturers on THURSDAYS 6:00-9:00pm PST.  (Hybrid)

This course covers the life, writings, and thought of the early Church Fathers. It presents the living story of the Early Church in all its aspects of worship, pastoral and social concepts, preaching and spirituality. The presentation alternatively focuses on various Fathers, east and west, and the discussion of various theological topics among them. This course will be pre-recorded with 2-3 live sessions, dates TBA. This course fulfills a core requirement for the MTS program and an elective for the certificate programs.


Spiritual theology, which presupposes dogmatic theology, is that part of theology which presents the principles, experiences, and laws of growth in the spiritual life. The course explores the ascetical and mystical tradition of the Church and the stages and process by which souls advance in Christian perfection. The course makes an effort to take into account the teachings and practical experience of the saints, from both the Eastern and Western traditions. This course will be pre-recorded. This course fulfills an elective requirement for MTS and Certificate programs.

8. ACTS 3094 STRENGTHS-BASED SERVANT LEADERSHIP with Fr. Bishoy Kamel and Nermine Zakhary  MONDAYS from 5PM- 8PM PST (SYN)

This a hybrid 14-week online/on campus course that will provide participants with an opportunity to examine the strategies and practices of participatory servant leadership style, biblically and with a strengths-based mindset, focusing on the application of strengths, and service through strategic collaboration and interdependence. The course will encourage participants to experience the power of team building and developing servant-leadership concept among communities they work with or minister to, establishing a legacy. They will be able to experience challenges of leadership and how to face them. This course fulfills an elective requirement for all programs. This course fulfills an elective requirement for MTS and certificate programs.