Now Available: Servant Certification Modular Videos

Now Available: Servant Certification Modular Videos
  •  You can now become certified from the comfort of your own home by watching videos adapted from the 7 Saturday workshops offered during Lent 2017.
  • Each module covers one of the seven required topic areas of the Servant Certification Exam (e.g. Church History, New Testament, Old Testament, etc.).
  • ***DOGMATICS will be available as a modular video in Spring of 2018***
  • Based on the breadth of the topic area, each module is broken down into 4-6 video sections in order to make the content more digestible. Each video section is approximately 1 hr in length.
  • Quiz questions throughout each video section are derived from the material covered in that section.
  • You may take a break of any length (e.g. minutes/hours/days) after any video section.
Thank you and God bless your service.
Questions? Please contact The Christian Education Department

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