Degrees Offered


The Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S) is a 36 unit graduate degree that may be completed in as little as one (1) year, but is designed for 15 months of full-time study (9 units per semester). This is an Orthodox Studies program that develops a theological and apologetic understanding of the doctrines of Christianity. The program provides in-depth foundational theological training of those who desire greater effectiveness in Church ministry, evangelism, theological education, missions, and apologetics. Upon completion of the M.T.S. degree, the student will have demonstrated knowledge in the Coptic Language, Church History, Liturgical Theology, Old and New Testaments, Dogmatics, and Patristics.

The course of study objectives are:

  1. To prepare the student to research and write in a manner that is theologically sound.
  2. To prepare the student to clearly articulate Orthodox Christian theology in the church and ministry.

Note: The M.T.S course of study may be completed entirely or in part online through synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Additionally, the intensive courses are offered on campus at the Claremont School of Theology as well as study abroad courses in Egypt, Jerusalem, Greece and Rome.

The M.T.S. degree is comprised of twelve courses in total:

2 pre-requisites (P), 7 Core (C), 1 Biblical Elective (BE), and 2 Electives (E).

Sample schedule:

(P1) Coptic 1(C2) History 1(C5) History 2
(P2) Intro to R&W (C3) Dogmatics 1(BE) Old Testament 2
(C1) Patristics 1(C4) Old Testament 1(C6) New Testament 1
(E1) Elective(E2) Elective(C7) Liturgics 1

Master of Divinity through Claremont School of Theology

Do you want to continue your studies after completing the MTS? You may wish to apply to the Claremont School of Theology in pursuit of a Master of Divinity. Our current partnership with CST allows ACTS students to petition to transfer up to 48 units towards CST’s 72 unit MDiv degree.


The Graduate Certificate is a non-degree program of study for prospective students, laity, clergy, or scholars. By choosing courses from across the curriculum, prospective students, laypersons, or other interested individuals may receive a broad exposure to religious and theological studies. By applying to one of the special certificate programs, clergy or scholars may focus their classes in a particular field of study