Academic Year

The ACTS academic year consists of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Registration, advisement and orientation periods prior to each semester vary in length according to the requirements for the semester. At the end of each semester, there is a reading and examination period.

Course Registration

Course Registration for enrolled students takes place in three steps, all of which must be completed before registration can be considered valid. To register for courses, students should:

1. Obtain a financial clearance, from the Office of Finance.

2. Meet with their academic advisor to choose courses from the current list of offerings.

3. Submit the Registration from the Student Portal

Late Registration

Any student who fails to register during the scheduled time is assessed a late registration fee of $100.00 as determined by the Registrar’s Office.

Add Period

Students may add semester courses up until the end of the second week of the semester. To attend a course without officially adding the course does not constitute registration for the course. No adds will be processed after the add deadline for any term.

Dropping and Withdrawal from a Course

Students may drop Fall, Spring and Summer semester courses up until the end of the eighth week of the semester. Any student who drops a course after the drop deadline for any term but before the last day of the term will be withdrawn from the course and be given a grade of “W”. To not attend or stop attending a course does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. Students who do not officially drop or withdraw from a course in which they are enrolled but not attending, will receive a non-passing grade of “UW” (Unofficial Withdrawal) in that course. This action will be noted on the transcript and will count the same as a grade of “F” in the student’s cumulative grade point average. Students with a pattern of incomplete or dropped courses will be subject to academic probation or termination. Students may receive a full refund, a partial refund, or no refund of tuition depending on the date the course is dropped. Students should consult the Academic Calendar


Students wishing to audit classes may do so only with the professor’s approval and upon payment of the applicable fee. Having paid a reduced fee, an auditor does not have participating privileges in the class except by arrangement with the professor. Individual faculty members set audit requirements for their courses and are not expected to read an auditor’s written work if they have not required it. All full-time degree students may audit one course per semester without charge. Students enrolled for less than 12 units will be billed for the standard audit fee at the time of registration. Ph.D. students maintaining Continuous Registration after completing all required course work may audit courses free up to a maximum of 32 units of audit credit. Students must be current on all financial accounts with the School in order to take advantage of free audits.
Claremont School of Theology alumni/ae, persons over the age of sixty-five and spouses/partners of a degree candidate who are not also enrolled in a Claremont School of Theology degree program or enrolled as a non- degree student, may register as auditors in any course with the payment of the current special audit fee and all other required fees, with the approval of the instructor and up to a limit of five such registrants in any one course.
Persons currently serving as Teaching Pastors (or Supervising Mentors) in Claremont School of Theology Field Education programs may register as auditors without charge, subject to approval of the professor. In the semester in which they are teaching, Adjunct Faculty may also audit a course at no charge with instructor approval.
Auditors may not cross-register for courses at Claremont School of Theology partner schools, the Claremont Graduate University, or Claremont Colleges. Such students may enroll only in courses with a prefix beginning with T or B.
Online courses must be taken for academic credit, and are not available to students as auditors or for Continuing Education Units.

Leave of Absence

Students with a scholarship who take an institutionally approved leave of absence may retain their scholarship when they return. This applies to all students, regardless of program or degree. The various components of the original scholarship letter will still stand, such as amount, terms, etc. Scholarships will be retained for one (1) leave of absence only; if a student chooses to take a second leave of absence during his or her program that student will forfeit his/her scholarship. In the case of medical or family emergencies, please see the Petition process with the Registrar’s Office.

*More detailed information can be in the Student Catalog.